The Castles of Burgundy: 1st Expansion – New Player Boards BGG 

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4 double-sided player boards, numbered 10a–10h.

These boards are part of the Spielbox magazine issue 05/2011.

In the original game, you have to lay all tiles in the princedom next to at least one already laid-out tile. Now, not only do you have to place them as just described, but in addition, the tiles always need to be connected - directly or indirectly (i.e. by the same color) with at least one castle.

In other words: If you add a new tile, it must lie either directly next to a castle - or at least be connected with a castle by the same color (as ...

2 - 4

90 min

Stefan Feld

Julien Delval, Harald Lieske

Die Burgen von Burgund: Neue Spielertableaus

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