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In Carcassonne: Mage & Witch, a small expansion for Carcassonne, eight landscape tiles bearing a mage symbol are mixed with the other tiles at the start of the game.

Whenever a player draws one of these tiles, she plays it as normal following the standard placement rules. She then either places or moves the mage or witch on the playing area; both figures can be placed only on incomplete roads and cities, and both cannot be on the same road or in the same city. The player must place or move one of these figures, if possible. She then optionally places a follower on the tile just pl ...

2 - 6

0 min

Christwart Conrad , Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

Doris Matthäus

Carcassonne Mini 5, Carcassonne Mini 5: Magier und Hexe , Carcassonne Mini 5: Troldmand og heks/Trollmann og ...

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