Legends of Andor: Wolf Warrior BGG 

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This very limited hero board gives you the opportunity to add another hero to the Legend of Andor base game. Being yellow it replaces the dwarf hero board and also uses the material of the dwarf. It does therefor not add a fifth player to the game.

Orfen (male) or Marfa (female) - The Wolf Warriors from the High Mountains - Rank 6

Special ability: When fighting, Orfen and Marfa have at least as many strength points as the decade of the field number they are on. So for example on field 46 they have at least 4 strength points. When fighting a troll, they can even add the decad ...

2 - 4

75 min

Michael Menzel

Michael Menzel

Die Legenden von Andor: Orfen Sonder-Heldentableau, Las Leyendas de Andor: Marfa y Orfen , De Legenden van An ...

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