The Castles of Burgundy: 2nd Expansion – New Hex Tiles BGG 

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New expansion from the Spiel fair in 2012

This expansion consists of 4 new hexes (Park, Goats, Sequential Order, Worker tiles) that are mixed into the corresponding supplies (black and yellow).

Park (Building/Beige): When a player adds the park to their estate, it can function as any building. For example, sell some goods (warehouse), or take 2 silverlings (bank), etc.
At the end of the game, the park may be additionally used per the corresponding knowledge tiles (16-23), as any single building (even if different than originally declared) for scoring purposes.

G ...

2 - 4

90 min

Stefan Feld

Julien Delval, Harald Lieske

Die Burgen von Burgund: Die 2. Erweiterung

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