Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Boba Fett Villain Pack BGG 

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Embark on thrilling new Imperial Assault missions with one of the galaxy’s most formidable bounty hunters: Boba Fett! With this deadly bounty hunter at your side, you can bring Boba Fett’s fearless inventiveness and vicious skills to every mission – assuming you can afford to hire him.

Like other Villain Packs, the Boba Fett Villain Pack offers essential new cards and missions for both the campaign and skirmish games, alongside a detailed plastic figure required for fielding Boba Fett in Imperial Assault tournaments. For the skirmish game, this expansion offers new C ...

2 - 5

90 min

Paul Winchester

Mike Capprotti

Star Wars: Assalto Imperiale – Pack di espansione – Boba Fett, Famigerato Cacciatore di Taglie, Star Wars ...

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