Carcassonne: Cathedrals in Germany BGG 

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Carcassonne: Cathedrals in Germany is a mini-expansion of six tiles for Carcassonne with each tile featuring a well-known cathedral from Germany. If a meeple is placed as a thief on a road connected to a cathedral, then the thief earns double points for each road segment rather than for each tile. Alternatively, a meeple can be placed on the cathedral itself as a bishop, and if all of the roads connected to the cathedral have been finished before the end of the game, the bishop scores the player 1 point per road segment.

This expansion was first available during the Easter season (thr ...

2 - 5

0 min

Klaus-Jürgen Wrede

Doris Matthäus

Carcassonne: German Cathedrals, Carcassonne: Kathedralen in Deutschland

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Carcassonne BGG 

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