Five Tribes: The Thieves of Naqala BGG 

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Naqala is now a prosperous place. Gaining the favors of the different tribes was not easy, and your rivals have not been discouraged by your success. In fact, some tribes have now abandoned your cause and rallied to your rivals instead, and you'll soon discover that these tribes follow influential leaders that your rivals hired against you. Every man has his price, though, so perhaps you can return the favor to your rivals — should you have what it takes to recruit the thieves of Naqala.

Five Tribes: The Thieves of Naqala is a mini-expansion of six thief cards and one new djinn ...

2 - 4

40 - 80 min

Bruno Cathala

Clément Masson

Five Tribes: Les voleurs de Naqala

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Five Tribes BGG 

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