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The L-Deck is a promo card expansion for Agricola. It is comprised of a series of cards given away at Spiele Essen. Each year, the new set of promo cards are included in the L-Deck and continue the numbering from the previous years' release.

For Essen 2008, eight of the cards were printed in a 12 card set—some were included more than once—and handed out as promotional items by the people depicted on the cards.
For Essen 2009, fifteen new cards were printed in a 24 card set—some in German, some in English—and handed out as promotional items by the people d ...

1 - 5

120 min

Uwe Rosenberg

Klemens Franz

Agricola: L-Deck – Anthropologist, Agricola: L-Deck – Asmodaeus , Agricola: L-Deck – Azubine , Agricola ...

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