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In War of the Ring, one player takes control of the Free Peoples (FP), the other player controls Shadow Armies (SA). Initially, the Free People Nations are reluctant to take arms against Sauron, so they must be attacked by Sauron or persuaded by Gandalf or other Companions, before they start to fight properly: this is represented by the Political Track, which shows if a Nation is ready to fight in the War of the Ring or not.

The game can be won by a military victory, if Sauron conquers a certain number of Free People cities and strongholds or vice versa. But the true hope of the Free ...

2 - 4

150 - 180 min

Roberto Di Meglio , Marco Maggi , Francesco Nepitello

John Howe, Fabio Maiorana

Der Ringkrieg, La Guerra dell'Anello , Guerra del Anillo , Guerra do Anel , Wojna o Pierścień

Dependência de língua
Uso extensivo de texto - é necessária uma conversão massiva para que seja jogável


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