Village: Customer Expansion BGG 

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Village: Bonus Customers is exactly what the name describes – additional customers that can be added to the Village base game. Here's what those customers need in order to be served:

Tile 1: You can take this customer tile for free (you may still have to pay 1 green influence cube and 1 time). At the end of the game, you score 1 prestige point.

Tile 2: Spend a scroll. At the end of the game, you score 1 prestige point for every 2 customer tiles that you own (including this one).

Tile 3: When you serve this customer, you must own the next starting player marker ...

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Village BGG 

2 - 4

90 min

Inka Brand , Markus Brand

Dennis Lohausen

La Villa: Expansi�n clientes, Descendance: Extension Client , Village: Kundenerweiterung

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