Stone Age: Casino BGG 

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Special printing for "Stadt-Land-Spielt" (German parlour games day) 2013. Also included with Russian Railroads: Mini-Expansion (2014).

This expansion for Stone Age adds two new huts: casinos!

When you build a casino you may throw 4 or 5 dice (depending on the hut) and get the total sum of your dice as victory points.

English Rules : Expansion for 2-5 players only playable with Stone Age! The two casinos are mixed to the other huts. Two stacks are thus higher by one hut. In order to purchase a casino, the player pays the two raw materials depicted. They then ...

2 - 5

60 min

Bernd Brunnhofer

Michael Menzel

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Stone Age BGG 

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