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In the 1920s, Mr. MacDowell, a gifted astrologist, immediately detected a supernatural being upon entering his new house in Scotland. He gathered eminent mediums of his time for an extraordinary séance, and they have seven hours to contact the ghost and investigate any clues that it can provide to unlock an old mystery.

Unable to talk, the amnesic ghost communicates with the mediums through visions, which are represented in the game by illustrated cards. The mediums must decipher the images to help the ghost remember how he was murdered: Who did the crime? Where did it take pla ...

Este jogo tem 9 fichas de expansão

2 - 7

42 min

Oleksandr Nevskiy , Oleg Sidorenko

Igor Burlakov, Xavier Collette , Oleksandr Nevskiy , Oleg Sidorenko

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