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This War Of Mine: The Board Game is the tabletop adaptation of the award-winning video game that pictures the drama of civilians trapped in a war-torn city.

You will enter this experience as a group of civilians trapped in a besieged and conflict-ridden city, enduring many hardships that often test the essence of humanity.

During day time you will take shelter in a ruined tenement house, which you will care about and manage by: removing rubble, searching through various rooms (often behind barricaded doors), you will build beds, improvised workshops, stoves, tools, water filt ...

Este jogo tem 12 fichas de expansão

1 - 6

45 - 120 min

Michał Oracz , Jakub Wiśniewski

Paweł Niziołek, Michał Oracz , Piotr Gacek

This War of Mine, This War of Mine: Das Brettspiel , This War of Mine: Desková hra , This War of Mine: El ju ...

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