Orléans: Fan-Kit BGG 

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Comes with: upgrade kit all inclusive
125 meeples [23 white ones, 17 each of the other 6 colors]
125 card board discs (followers / character tiles)
4 technology card board tiles
20 wooden discs
290 stickers
7 coins: 1x1, 2x5, 1x10, 3x20
components for a 5th player: player board, big pawn (merchant), 10 houses (trading stations), 7 cubes in black
score pad
followers bag
place tile set #1 (three new place tiles: Bakery, Goldsmiths, Lair) and 1x Vineyards post card
(both with rules in German, English, French)

This is an expansion, you also ne ...

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Orléans: Components for a 5th Player and New Character Tiles

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