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In the two-player game Caverna: Cave vs. Cave, each player starts the game with only two dwarves and a small excavation in the side of a mountain. Over the course of eight rounds, they'll double their workforce, open up new living space in the mountain, construct new buildings and rooms in which to live, and dig for precious metals.

In more detail, each player starts the game with an individual player board that's covered with a random assortment of face-down building/room tiles and only one space. Some tiles are face up and available for purchase at the start of play. Four action til ...

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1 - 2

20 - 40 min

Uwe Rosenberg

Klemens Franz, Uwe Rosenberg

Caverna 2 Jugadores, Caverna: Cava vs Cava , Caverna: Caverne contre Caverne , Caverna: Het Duel , Caverna: H ...

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