Rajas of the Ganges BGG 

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Through tactics and karma to wealth and fame...

In 16th century India, the powerful empire of the Great Moguls rises between the Indus and the Ganges rivers. Taking on the role of rajas and ranis – the country's influential nobles – players in Rajas of the Ganges race against each other in support of the empire by developing their estates into wealthy and magnificent provinces. Players must use their dice wisely and carefully plot where to place their workers, while never underestimating the benefits of good karma. Success will bring them great riches and fame in their que ...

Este jogo tem 6 fichas de expansão

2 - 4

45 - 75 min

Inka Brand , Markus Brand

Dennis Lohausen

I Ragià del Gange, Ganges , Raja's Van De Ganges

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