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Description from the publisher:

The world almost ended 71 years ago...

The plague came out of nowhere and ravaged the world. Most died within a week. Nothing could stop it. The world did its best. It wasn't good enough.

For three generations, we, the last fragments of humanity have lived on the seas, on floating stations called "havens." Far from the plague, we are able to provide supplies to the mainland to keep them (and us) from succumbing completely.

We've managed to keep a network of the largest known cities in the world alive. Things have bee ...

2 - 4

60 min

Rob Daviau , Matt Leacock

Atha Kanaani, Chris Quilliams

Pandemic Legacy: 2. Évad, Pandemic Legacy: 2. Évad , Pandemic Legacy: Saison 2 , Pandemic Legacy: Segunda t ...

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