The Colonists: Ante Portas BGG 

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Die Kolonisten: Ante Portas, a new scenario for Tim Puls' epic strategy game The Colonists, introduces new combat mechanisms that allow players to compete against the game, or directly against each other.

Die Kolonisten: Ante Portas adds two areas in addition to your own colony and the "home country": the battlefield and the command center. On the battlefield, the actual battle takes place, while the command center forms a new area, which is constructed from hexes like the coreland. You enter this area in the usual way by jumping onto its market. Here are the actions necessa ...

1 - 4

30 - 360 min

Tim Puls

Klemens Franz

Die Kolonisten: Ante Portas

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   The Colonists BGG 

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