Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Heart of the Elders: Mythos Pack BGG 

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Heart of the Elders is the third Mythos Pack in "The Forgotten Age Cycle".

Following the events of The Boundary Beyond, you and your team of investigators head deep into the jungles of southern Mexico in search of an ancient, forgotten cavern. After several days of trekking through the jungle, you find what you believe to be the entrance of the cave, but something is not right. Six pillars surround the cavern, carved with strange symbols. Are they a warning? A lock? You must investigate this further, but time is running short. Your supplies are already starting to run low an ...

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Arkham Horror: The Card Game BGG 

1 - 2

60 - 120 min

Arkham Horror: Das Kartenspiel – Das Herz der Älteren: Mythos-Pack, Arkham Horror: El Juego de Cartas – ...

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