Hadara: Marketplaces & Monuments BGG 

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The Hadara: Marketplaces & Monuments mini-expansion brings two new elements to the game: monuments and marketplaces. Marketplaces allow players to profit from extra food. Monuments will award players many points if they expand military and culture equally.

Monuments require 24 points in each of culture and military. If you reuse the monument, you get 12 coins and 16 victory points. If you pay 4 coins to build it, you'll get even more points and additional movement on a track or end game points.

The market tiles have 2 sides - a small side (6 yellow, 2 extra green) and a l ...

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Hadara BGG 

2 - 5

45 - 90 min

Benjamin Schwer

Dominik Mayer

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