Dune: Ixians & Tleilaxu BGG 

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This expansion adds two new factions, the Ixians and the Tleilaxu, to the Dune boardgame.

Tleilaxu: Led by a small council of Tleilaxu Masters - the fanatic, xenophobic Tleilaxu were tolerated because of their useful genetic engineering superiority. Although underestimated and loathed by others, they hoped to someday dominate all.

Ixian: The cyborg, Prince Rhombur of House Vernius, leads the Ixians, masters of manufacturing and technologies only they know how to deploy.

Both the Ixians and the Tleilaxu are integral to the economy of CHOAM and the Imperium. The royal ...

2 - 6

0 min

Bill Eberle , Jack Kittredge , Peter Olotka , Greg Olotka , Jack Reda

Ilya Baranovsky

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