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Die Siedler von Hessen (The Settlers of Hesse) is the first in a new series of historical regional map expansions for the venerable Settlers of Catan line. The new line profiles famous regions of Germany during the Middle Ages, when Celts, Romans, and Germans intermingled.

Die Siedler von Hessen celebrates the state of Hesse, home to Wiesbaden and Frankfurt am Main. Like Die Siedler von Nürnberg and the other historical expansions, it features a fixed map board. The geographic features (resource hexes) and cities mirror the approximate location of their real-world counterparts. & ...

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Klaus Teuber

Tanja Donner, Harald Lieske , Andreas Steiner

Die Siedler von Catan: Die Siedler von Hessen, Die Siedler von Hessen , Catan: Die Siedler von Hessen , Catan ...

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