Concordia: Solitaria BGG 

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A solo and 2-player expansion for Concordia by Mac Gerdts and Frank Lamprecht.
(14+ years, playtime approx. 60 min)

In CONCORDIA SOLITARIA you compete alone or in a team of two against the tricky opponent CONTRARIUS. As the cards you play also determine the reactions of your adversary, only skillful planning leads to victory.
In a two player game you can either compete with CONTRARIUS as a cooperative team or challenge it individually.
CONCORDIA SOLITARIA may be played on any of the maps and with any other expansion for CONCORDIA.

Requires either the base game CO ...

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Concordia BGG 

1 - 2

30 - 60 min

Mac Gerdts , Frank Lamprecht

Dominik Mayer

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