Dixit 2: "The American" promo card BGG 

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A special promo card for anyone who preorders Dixit 2, the American card pictures a cowboy sitting in a room with a bag of popcorn to his side and a television on in front of him with a cartoon on.

From the promotion site: Several months ago, the idea to get a special card for Dixit made its way to the Asmodee North-American office. Then the idea became bigger, why not have an exclusive card? The success of the game, even if it’s still only the beginning, even if we were sure this game will be a hit, takes us by surprise, by the strong and continuous demand. (...

3 - 6

30 min

Jean-Louis Roubira

Marie Cardouat

Este jogo é uma expansão para:   Dixit BGG 

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