Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases BGG 

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Have you ever had the desire to walk the streets of Victorian London with Sherlock Holmes in search of Professor Moriarty? To search the docks for the giant rat of Sumatra? To walk up Baker Street as the fog is rolling in and hear Holmes cry out, "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot!"? Now you can! You can enter the opium den beneath the Bar of Gold, but beware, that may be Colonel Sebastian Moran lurking around the corner. You can capture the mystery and excitement of Holmes' London in this challenging and informative game. You, the player, will match your deductive abilities agai ...

1 - 8

60 - 120 min

Raymond Edwards , Suzanne Goldberg , Gary Grady

Bernard Bittler, Arnaud Demaegd , Nils Gulliksson , Neriac , Pascal Quidault , Stefan Thulin

Consulting Detective, Détective Conseil , Sherlock Holmes Détective Conseil , Sherlock Holmes , Sherlock H ...

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